Festival TangOsud



Tango… therwise Workshop

This workshop is led by Marie-Pierre Chabaux, teacher in relational dance… via argentine tango. It aims at enriching the tango through the “Tango… therwise  – Through the door of feeling” concept by finding presence, confidence and let go, in joy, pleasure, comfort and kindness.

– Workshop 1 – Friday, May 31: “Words are useless in your arms” – Listening, body communication, connection.
– Workshop 2 – Saturday, June 1st: “Touch and be touched” – Encounter and awakening of the senses, conscious and  relaxing touch.
–  Workshop 3 – Sunday, June 2nd: “Like a breath” – Presence to oneself, to the other one by meeting with one’s inner movement.

Timetable (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) : 14h30-16h30
Prices:  one workshop : 20 € – the 3 workshops : 50 €  – 12 people max. – Information and registration: 06 08 92 03 92


Sophrotango® Workshop

This workshop is based on the Sophrotango® concept created in 2011 by Nathalie LEBRUN-BAILLY, sophrologist (F.E.P.S.) and occupational therapist D.E. It is intended to argentine tango teachers who wish to enrich their pedagogy with an “inside” approach.

The Sophrotango® Pro module brings to teachers :
–  a
dapted body preparation proposals,
– a
theoretical and practical illumination of the anatomical, biomechanical and physiological elements involved in argentine tango
– and protocols of body awareness in different themes (posture and axis, walking, dissociation, abrazo, circularity, fluidity).

Timetable: Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10h30-14h00
Prices :  To be specified – Information and registration :


Musical Listening Workshop

This workshop, hosted by DJ CyberChris, is aimed at both dancers and DJs. It offers listening and analysis of tangos to better understand and dance. It will also deal with the evolution of the orchestral formations of the “Guardia Vieja” to the present day, the difference between orchestras, keys to recognize them, and will focus on the place of singers and instruments.

DJ Training Workshop

This workshop, also animated by DJ CyberChris, deals with the DJ’s missions: How to build an evening (tandas, cortinas, interludes) for the well-being of the dancers, how to create an atmosphere, choose the right music at the right time, how to use the computer, manage the sequence of titles, …

Schedules and Prices: Musical Listening Workshop, Thursday and Friday 2pm-5pm  – Prices: 1 day: 30 €  – 2 days: 50 €
DJ Training Workshop , Saturday  2pm-5pm  Price 30€ – 3 day pass: 70 € – Information and registration:
06 81 91 24 12 –  


Energy massages

Around a mobile space, Séverine MULLER offers various treatments and holistic massages : A zen shiatsu for tired feet or tensions in the back, a Californian massage with hot oil for the relaxation of body and mind, energy treatments to rebalance, recenter and clean, a foot massage with plantar reflexology to find a hormonal balance throughout the body…

Combinations of different techniques are possible and what connects these elements is energy work. The duration of the treatment can vary from 10 min to 1h30 according to the desires and needs. The oil is certified organic and prepared with aromatic plants from the Cevennes foothills or organic essential oil.

Rates : Foot massage with foot reflexology: 10 to 20 €  – Energy treatment EUH : Free and conscious price  – Shiatsu ZEN: 20 to 50 € – Californian massage : 30 to 60 €.