Festival TangOsud

bENG_Maestros Classes

All Maestros Classes will take place at Espace José Jason, Avenue Jean Marc Rouan, 34 690 Fabrègues.
Tango level – Int.: Intermediate – Adv. : Advanced

For master classes, it is highly recommended to register as a couple. Certain courses may therefore be blocked at registration for single people depending on the disparity observed during registration.

Cecilia and HoracioMusicality (Melody, rythm, pauses and offbeat) - Module 1TangoAdv.Thursday11.00am
Gioia and SimoneSequence of typical vals cadenasValsInt./Adv.Thursday11.00am
Los GiachelloListening to yourself and your partner to better dance togetherTangoInt./Adv.Thursday1:30pm
Los GiachelloMilonga taconeada, the ground as a percussion elementMilongaInt./Adv.Friday11:00am
Gioia and SimoneStudy and use of ochos in all their formsTangoInt.Friday11:00am
Cecilia and HoracioMusicality (Melody, rythm, pauses and offbeat) - Module 2TangoAdv.Friday1:30pm
Los GiachelloEnsalada del "Pulpo", to play with jointsTangoAdv.Friday3:15pm
Gioia and SimoneRythmics and its use for the pleasure of milongaMilongaInt./Adv.Friday5:00pm
Cecilia and HoracioTraditional volcadas with ochosTangoInt./Adv.Friday6:45pm
Cecilia and HoracioMilonga traspieMilongaInt./Adv.Saturday11:00am
Gioia and Simone Abrazo and connection to improve the quality of the dance. Application to a sequenceTangoInt./Adv.Saturday11:00am
Los GiachelloAlterations in every way.ValseInt./Adv.Saturday1:30pm
Cecilia and HoracioMusicality (Melody, rythm, pauses and offbeat) - Module 3TangoAdv.Saturday3:15pm
Los GiachelloJumble of rythmical and melodic moves with the "cuore" tempo TangoInt.Saturday5:00pm
Gioia and SimoneSacadas during the tour. Study of a complex sequenceTangoAdv.Saturday6:45pm