Festival TangOsud


DJ Paola PIA (Torino)

Paola Pia has been dancing tango for 20 years. She is tango DJ since 2001 and involved in the best milongas of Turin and other Italian cities. She is often invited to events, festivals and marathons in Italy, France, Switzerland and Greece. She likes to propose a very varied musical selection, going from the years 1930 to the years 1960 with, in complement, contemporaries orchestras. She says : “I think that a Tango DJ should also be a dancer and therefore experiment in the dance the possibilities of interpretation of each piece. Ah … the Tango! “

DJ Fred ROMERO (Gap)

Fred is frequently present in all kinds of tango events in Europe. Fred particularity is that he is not attached to a specific type of tango music. He can musicalise traditional tango evenings as well as NeoTango events with the same passion and professionalism. Fred is an endearing, altruistic character and therefore totally invested in his mission to give pleasure to the dancers with a brilliant selection of dynamic tango and surprising cortinas.

DJ Prinz (Bruxelles)

Prinz knows how to delight the dancers. He intervenes in Belgium, his country of origin, but he is also appreciated in milongas, encuentros and festivals in Europe and in Canada. He likes to modulate the energy of milonga by playing with orchestral styles, intensity levels and cortinas. The comfort of the dancers is very important for him and he offers structured and surprising sets that make you dance endlessly. Whether it is a local milonga or an event for an international public, the ingredients for him are the same : the pleasure of dancing, the good mood and the smile.

DJ Myriam Alarcon (Nîmes)

Myriam has been animating milongas and tango events for the past eight years. She participates in many encuentros and marathons of the European tango circuit in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia … For her, the observation of the dancers is essential to the smooth running of a successful evening. Myriam will host the opening night of the Festival at Château Capion, on Sunday May 26th.

DJ CyberChris (Montpellier)

CyberChris has been animating dances since the age of 18: rock, ballroom dancing, then salsa, bachata, kizomba… and traditional Argentine tango for over 17 years in many festivals. He is also artistic and technical advisor of Tangosud and animates workshops of DJ Training and Music Listening. CyberChris will host the Milonga de l’Agora on Tuesday, May 28th.

DJ David Alvarez (Nîmes)

David Alvarez animates many milongas in Southern France (Nîmes, Montpellier, Agde…), but also elsewhere! He is a member of the Colectivo team which performs every Wednesday evening for the Montpellier tango addicts at the Temple de la Danse in Lattes, in the Montpellier southern suburb. He will animate the Milonga at the Temple on Wednesday, May 29th in collaboration with Flabio.

DJ Philippe N’Guyen (Montpellier)

Philippe is well known in milongas of the Southern France for his dynamic music in a nonetheless traditional register. With Myriam, David and Luigi, he is part of the Colectivo quartet who in turn musicalise the evenings of the Temple de la Danse in Lattes. Philippe will perform the afternoon milonga on Thursday, May 30th.

DJ Gab2Nim (Nîmes)

Gabriel has been animating milongas for over 12 years. He is a perfectionist who constantly searches for new performers to find new “nuggets”. He is very attentive to running music that covers all genres. Gabriel will animate the afternoon milonga of Friday, May 31st.

DJ Elvis (Marseille)

Elvis is well known in all the Southern France milongas. He wears several hats in TangOsud: Organizer and DJ of afters, photographer, transport of maestros… In short, a key element in the organization of the festival. Elvis will host the afters on Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1st.

DJ Olivier Sastre (Savoie)

Olivier is DJ musicalisator but also organizer of several tango events (Evian Marathon, Tango Corsica Marathon …). His pleasure is to give… pleasure in a deliberately dynamic and festive style. Olivier will be at the afternoon milonga, in mano a mano with Nicolas, on Saturday, June 1st.

DJ Nicolas (Montpellier)

Nicolas is eclectic and animates both traditional milongas and NeoTango events. He is regularly invited to the Milonga du Loft in Montpellier. Nicolas will be at the NeoTango milonga on Thursday, May 30th and at the afternoon milonga, in mano a mano with Olivier Sastre, on Saturday, June 1st.

DJ Phil (Toulouse)

Phil organizes alternative tango events, including the NeoTango Marathon in Toulouse. This is an interesting approach that demonstrates that we can dance tango on many types of music. Phil will be at the decks for the Neo Tango milonga on Saturday, June 1st.

DJ Luigi (Montpellier)

Since 2000, Luigi regularly organizes and participates in tango events in France but also in Italy, his country of origin. His programming endeavors to subtly combine energy and emotion, in permanent connection with the feelings of the dancers. Luigi will perform at the Despedida Milonga on Sunday, June 2nd.