Orchestre La Juan d’Arienzo

10 tango musicians on the TangOsud’s scene ! Never happened before ! These young artists will make for us living the melodies and spirit, in pure « portena » tradition, of the one who is forever ‘El Rey Del Compas ». The orchestra maintains the great father’s message : « Tango is above all rythm, nerve, strength and character ».

Solo Tango orquesta

How could we not shive while hearing their interpretation of ‘Oblivion’ ! Everybody stop dancing and start hearing their performance. That’s all ! These four virtuosis, prepared by the most important music schools in Russia have literally delighted TangOsud last 2017. They must come back and for everyone pleasure, they will be again among us.

El quinteto Cachivache

You are well aware that we love all the styles at TangOsud. This is why we have invited this group who mix jazz, blues, rock and tango in a style that can be qualified as « tango-punk ». But they play above all to make us dancing on their original songs and their arrangement of the classic tango musics.

Tango Sonos

They are two brothers playing bandonéon and piano. It is said that they create the same energy of a great orchestra ! But this is not factual, it is reality and they ill convince us. Antonio and Nicola IPPOLITO travelled along with many concert halls and tango festivals in the entire world and worked with the most greatest dancers.

Duo Trosman-Maguna

Diego TROSMAN at the guitar and Fernando MAGUNA at the piano or bandonéon, they were prepared at the school of popular music of Buenos Aires. Following their meeting in 1998, they created a duo pushed by their affinities and their musical complicity. They also work to prepare other musicians to make them discovering or perfectioning the interpretation of the tango music.