Lucila, what a graceful person ! Joe, a poet with a great heart which connects so well energy and softness . What can we say more than this, perhaps that they represent a mix of virtuosity, generosity, open inspiration. They are both generous on the scene as well as during the stages. They represent the spirit that we wish for all along TangOsud.

Manuela ROSSI et Juan MALIZIA

The wedding of a dancer who worked with the greatest tango ballet companies in Buenos Aires and a dancer coming from the ballet company of the « Teatro Colón » created the special. Manuela and Juan have been World Champions of tango scene in 2014. They come to TangOsud for the first time.

Marina MARQUES et Ozgur DEMIR « El Turquito »

TangOsud proposes his local maestros. After having travelled the whole world, Marina MARQUES brought us his grace, his fresh skills in rigourous and cheerful education since few time. Together with Ozgur, they dance in full complicity since many years.


Chantal is a professional dancer and a certified master in pilate, stretching, thera band, … specialized in all techniques focusing in improving the posture and flexibility. She has adapted these techniques to tango, which she dances in a wonderful way. His education is rigourous and adapted to both men and women.