Santiago and Maria Belen Giachello are brother and sister.

They begin the tango, very young, in Buenos Aires. Soon, they perform on prestigious stages accompanied by mythical tango artists like Julian Plaza, Carlos Lazzari or Virginia Luque. Then, they each develop their international career in Europe, Asia and America.

Artists with more than 20 years of experience, they come back together to offer us an original, moving and musical tango imbued with grace and virtuosity. Festival-goers will appreciate the quality of their teaching based on a long experience and a fine analysis of the balances and movements of the body.

Martin MALDONADO et Maurizio GHELLA

Martin MALDONADO and Maurizio GHELLA are dancers, choreographers and teachers. They have dedicated their lives to tango on stages around the world (France, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Dubai, USA, Uruguay, …).

They come back to TangOSud again because it’s a couple that brings together all that we like in tango : Creativity, emotion, generosity, sharing, all with the simplicity that characterizes the great artists .

Their courses are always a treat in which we find simplicity, professionalism and depth in the analysis of the movement.

Paola AGUILERA et Leonardo AUZA

Paola Aguilera, of Uruguayan origin grew up in Montpellier and bathed since childhood in tango. During the year 2015, she started with Leonardo Auza, a young Argentinian, a professional career in Buenos Aires, with the support of great maestros.

They now teach regularly on Buenos Aires and internationally. Their work led them to be finalists of the Tango World Championship in 2018 for their first participation. Their teaching is based on the development of their own style in the pure respect of the porteñas origins. They are constantly looking for tools to facilitate learning and understanding the specific movements of tango for the sole purpose of enjoying the dance.