Registration is opened


Registrations to stages, milongas and shows can be carried out by clicking here below. This will allow you to be directed to the registration web site of our partner

Registrations to workshops Musicality, DJ Training and Sophrotango could be completed at the festival and directly with the organizers.

The movie ‘Argentina’ will be shown at Utopia Cinema

The apero Tango, the rides Tango-Patrimoine, the conference « The Poets of Golden Age » and the Milonga of Wednesday 9th May at the ‘Temple of Dance’ are all events free of charges.


Registrations and participations to milongas and stages are limited in terms of places for security and confort reasons. In case of excess of presence at the time of the event, then the date of registration on the web site TangOsud will be considered as order of prioritys.


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