Patrick SICART  – Martigues

Patrick is regularly present in the milongas in southern France but not only … He created and plays the DJ for the well-known ‘Milonga des Oiseaux’ at Martigues where dancers from the whole southern France meet during summer time to share a friendly moment.

Fred ROMERO  – Gap

Fred is passioned and educates in tango for more than ten years. He has a deep knowledge of the dance floor and of dancers’ wishes. He renders the milonga musical with all accents, with generosity and with a surprising choice of ‘cortinas’.

DJ Nicolas  – Montpellier

Nicolas is eclectic and facilitates in equal ways the traditional as well as the NeoTango milongas. He is regularly invited at the Milonga Loft organized at Montpellier.

Konstantinos TZINTZIRAS  – Aubais

Konstantinos has been rendering milonga musical for more than 15 years in all the southern France but also during the saturday ‘Artango’ milongas which he regularly organizes at Aubais.

Nanouchka  – Sommières

Nanouchka de Creisquier created a cultural association and the ‘Milonga du Moulin’ in 1992. She welcomes the dancers since many years and renders the milonga musical in a magical location named ‘Moulin’ at Sommières.

DJ CyberchrisMontpellier

CyberChris invites to dance since he was 18 years old : rock, salon dances, then salsa, bachata, kizomba… and traditional tango argentino since more than 17 years in many festivals. In parallel, he is artistical and technical counsellor of TangOsud and facilitate DJ and musical trainings.

DJ PhilToulouse

Phil organizes events of alternative tango and specially the Marathon NéoTango of Toulouse. He suggests that you may dance tango while various different music styles are proposed.

Gab2nim  – Nîmes

Gabriel renders milonga musical since more than 12 years. His particular approach is to look permanently for new interpretations of musics and to propose music of all styles.

Luigi  – Montpellier

Luigi organizes and is regular participant to many tango events in France but also in Italy, his country of origine, since 2000. His musical programs are made to lightly combine energy and emotion, in full connection with the dancers’ feelings.

Myriam ALARCON- Montpellier

Myriam goes all over the milongas and the tango events since seven years. She is a regular participant of many ’encuentros’ and marathon of the european tango circuit, specifically in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Lettonia, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, … She continuously observes de dancers to ensure the best music to be played to create a perfect milonga.

Jérémie SERRA- Nîmes

Jérémie SERRA is the organizer of the Milonga Para Todos at Nimes since five years. He rendered many milongas musical as well as festivals. He loves D’Arienzo, Canaro, Biagi, Calo’, Laurenz, … Sometime he add some touches of originality, if the moment allow for it and remains always vigilant to ‘cortinas’ which have to sustain the dance without disturbing the atmosphere.

DJ Brahim – Paris

Brahim is young but already shows a long experience in rendering the music which is a mix of alternative and of traditional tangos. He participated to many ‘encuentros’ and milongas all over the France (Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Le Havre, …) and in foreign countries et à l’étranger.