Cultural Events

Show Carmen Tango

As every year, TangOsud proposes a yet unseen and specially conceived show for the 2019 Festival. The best tunes of Carmen, the well known opera of Bizet, revisited under the perspective of tango, danced by Santiago and Maria Belen Giachello, Martin Maldonado, Maurizio Ghella, Paola Aguilera and Leonardo Auza, supported by professional actors and played on stage by the Tango Sonos orchestra.

Thursday May 30th – 6pm – Espace José Janson – Fabrègues

Tango Heritage Walk-and-Dance

The objective of this walk is to discover, while dancing, some treasures of the Montpellier heritage. Under the direction of a professional guide, you will walk in the old Montpellier, discover its characteristic monuments and stop from time to time to perform some dance steps. An original discovery of our city under the sign of tango!

Wednesday May 29th – 4pm – Meeting point in front of Opéra Comédie – Montpellier – Free

Apéro Tango

In front of this place symbolic of Montpellier, come to dance and benefit from a sunny weather (let’s hope!). These “Apéros Tango” are also the oportunity to present the magic of our prefered dance to the general public.

Wednesday May 29th – 6pm – In front of Opéra Comédie – Montpellier – Free

Conference : “How to write down the Movement of Tango”

Matias Tripodi is linguist, dancer and specialist of tango. His latest research have led him to propose a graphical representation of tango. The idea is to find the equivalent of what is the piece of music for this dance. Simple and efficient, this notation system for tango is a new teaching aid and a manner to safeguard the intangible cultural heritage of the Argentine tango. As part of the project, a book has been published in October 2016. Moreover, Matias Tripodi carries out several projects linked to tango, notamment a creation with the Ballet of the Opéra National du Rhin. He has recently published the “Estudio acerca del cambio de peso y del cambio de orientación, un modelo de análisis del movimiento para el tango”.

Friday May 31st – 6pm – Espace José Janson – Fabrègues – Free

Exhibition Liliana Rago

An exhibition of recent drawings, paintings and decors of Liliana Rago will be the background of the milongas at Centre Culturel José Janson.
Trained at the Fine-Arts of Buenos Aires, her native city, Liliana lives and works in France since 1981. Her exhibitions are found over the world combining dance and painting, technical know-how and gift of self. Beyond the universe of tango, her paintings are regularly exposed in French and foreign galleries.
She is therefore present in public and private collections in Buenos Aires, Singapour, New York, Paris, Bali. Liliana has installed her workshop close to Montpellier in 2016.