Cultural Events

Show : « Tango … tout un poème ! »

Thursday 10th May – 18h00

Dancers know that tango means meeting, exchange, sensuality, tenderness, love, but also melancholia, sadness, tears, anger even sometime violence… expressed by wonderful words which explain all those feelings !

The first half of the show , will be placed under the flag of the poetry : some of the best tangos song lyrics will be read by actors in response of whom the ‘maestros’ present at the festival will dance. A living moment of the poetry of tango !


You dance tango like this, felling the blood raising to the head at each step while your arms envelop like a snake the wind up the size till breaking moment, You dance tango like this ! à chaque cadence pendant que le bras comme un serpent s’enroule à la taille qu’il va briser. Le tango se danse comme ça !



LThe second half of the show will be dedicated to Juan D’ARIENZO, the great master of tango music, the one we know as « El Rey del Compas » because of his rythmic music which drag you in an evil trance. The 10 musicians of the Orchestrat Tipica La Juan D’ARIENZO make the master living again with their passion for this great historical period. By this concert, they will plunge ourselves in that 40/50ies atmosphere, known as the the Golden Age which remains the mythical period for the tangueros. But what about you, are you going to remain sitting down ?

Location : Centre Culturel José Janson – Fabrègues

Conference – The Poets of the Golden Age of tango – by Solange BAZELY

Saturday 12th May – 17h30
LThe conference, inclusive of reading of some portions of tango song lyrics, help in understanding the richness of the poetry of the ‘portena » culture. Solange BAZELY took part to many cultural projects around the tango argentino. She travel by many festivals since 2006 to share the argentinian culture by means of conferences or readings.

Location : Centre Culturel José Janson – Fabrègues


Tuesday 8th May – 16h00
DFrom the Pampa to Andes, from the Mapuche indians’ universe to the one of the village communities who sing their homesickness in the bars, from Gauchos’ world to the living in the actual big cities … Carlos SAURA suggests for a travel constituted by songs, dances and colours which express the entire Argentinian soul : the carnavalito, the zamba, the chacarera, the copla, the diablada, the chamamé, the tonada and many other expressions which find their roots into the geography and the soul of the various communities of the country.

Location : Cinéma – Montpellier

Tango-Patrimoine Walks

Tuesday 8th May and Wednesday 9th May, at 4pm
During these walks, you will discover the most important sites of the Montpellier city while dancing. At each stop of the path, the guide will tell you about the story of the visited site and you could dance one or two tandas in this location. This is an original way to discover the beautiful city of Montpellier !

Lasting : around 1h30

Meeting point in front of Opéra Comédie – Montpellier..

Apéro Tango – Place de la Comédie

Monday 7th May and Wednesday 9th May – 18h00
TangOsud is pleased to offer you to discover the key venue Place de la Comédie, whose visit is mandatory in Montpellier, while having pleasure dancing some tandas. This Place is also called ‘Egg Place’ because of its oval form, it represents one of the largest pedestrian areas in Europe, dominated by Opera Comédie.

Location : Place de la Comédie – Montpellier